A.S. Byatt – The Children’s Book Genealogy

This genealogy is a first attempt to map the social structures in The Children’s Book  by A.S. Byatt. I have included most of the characters, but not all, like servants and maids. Also characters who have no family relation with the main characters have been omitted like the Tartarinovs, Artur Dobbin, Toby Youlgreave and Joachim Susskind. I also haven’t named the stillborn child of Olive Wellwood (p. 34) in 1888 as it has not been alive (apart from Peter Wellwood who lived two years and Rosy Wellwood who lived a week). All the given years have been found in the book. Often an exact year was given, in other instances some calculations had to be done. I made two guesses for Leon Stern and Charles Wellwood (Charles/Karl’s son), which have been footnoted.

The genealogy has been diverted into two parts: 1895 and 1919. The latter version contains a lot of spoilers and should only be consulted after reading the novel for the first time. The former is to be used while reading. Page references refer to the Vintage paperback edition

If you find any errors or additions, please inform me (with page reference) so I can make the alterations.

You can find the genealogy here:

Byatt – The Childrens Book Family Trees – W. de Jong


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