Calibre: Adding books to an SD-card

In my last post I explained how to add books to a collection on a (Sony) e-reader and discussed the existence of the Calibre e-book library software . In this post I will explain how to add books to an SD-card by use of Calibre. You either plug your e-reader to your computer or put your SD-card into a computer invidually. I’ll show you how to add books to your SD-card by plugging-in the device (as it charges the battery as well :)). This guide assumes three things:

1. A plugged-in e-reader (with SD-card)
2. The free Calibre software installed
2. Added books in Calibre

> Open Calibre.

> In Calibre, right-click the book you want to add to your reader or SD-card within your reader.

You can either choose “Send to Device (the actual reader)” or “Save to Disk”. “Send to Device” is quicker, but “Save to disk” gives you the option to turn PDFs into epubs.

> Click “Send to Device”

You should have two (or more) options now: “Send to main memory” and “Send to storage Card B (or some other letter depending on which slot you used)”

> Choose “Send to storage Card B”.

And you’re done.


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