Defibrillating a Sony e-reader (PRS-650)

It’s more than a year I actually posted something on my blog, and the same has been happening to my e-reader. However, whereas I found my blog still intact the PRS-650 showed less signs of life. This post is how to get your PRS-650 e-reader back to life.

The normal way to charge your e-reader is by plugging your reader to your computer. Unfortunately this didn’t work for me anymore. After searching the Net to find a solution I gained this knowledge.

When you don’t charge your PRS-650 for a long time, the battery becomes so empty you can’t charge it by use of USB, you have to charge it by wall plug. However, be mindful to use a modern charger. I used an old one and that didn’t do the trick. I used my girlfriend’s charger which came with her Galaxy S3 Mini.

It is best to charge your reader once in a while even though you are not using it.




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